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As a licensed therapist I have an ethical responsibility to provide effective treatments for clients seeking my services. In addition to that responsibility, I must also adhere to universal precautions in order to maintain a sanitary working environment for my personal health and that of the clients. This has always been the case. In the last three years these precautions have expanded to include actions and agreement from clients seeking services. Please read below for what is required from you as a client in order to proceed ethically, responsibly and healthfully.

COVID Protocols : Services


Temperature checks will be required at the time of your visit. If a fever is detected the client will be required to postpone treatment or yoga. If you have an appointment scheduled but are feeling sick or unwell, please stay home. Neither massage nor yoga are appropriate in the case of any infection COVID or otherwise.



Because of the nature of massage and other medical spectrum practices the CDC recommends masking for the duration of your visit regardless of vaccination status. N95 masks are the most effective option otherwise a surgical mask under a cloth mask may be worn. Surgical masks will be available for the client to wear during treatment. Mask must be worn to cover the nose and mouth.


Priority for booking will be given when the client considers providing a negative COVID PCR or rapid test within 24hrs of appointment. This is an added measure and not a requirement per se but a step that allows us all to proceed cautiously and without added stress.

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