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Integrating Modalities

The Therapeutic Massage treatment incorporates various techniques including acupressure, deep tissue, assisted stretch and Swedish massage. This individually crafted treatment is designed to compliment your health and fitness routine and to help you achieve balance. A self-care plan to enhance and help you maintain the effects of massage may be offered through exercise, stretching, and stress & pain management tools.

60min. $120   l  75min. $130  l  90min. $140


An Ancient Science

Thai Massage is rooted in the ancient, teachings of Buddhist healers. This deeply relaxing yet invigorating style incorporates stretching, mobility and deep compression. This treatment is offered on a padded mat for comfort, without the use of lotions or oils. Please wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing that allow for movement and warmth. Thai massage promotes flexibility, muscle tone, and restful sleep. The effects can be felt in minutes and will inspire hours of balanced, relaxed energy.

90min. $140


Natural Healing

Myofascial release is a soft tissue therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and pain.  

The method uses little to no oil on skin, engages the myofascia (connective tissue) tissue and loads it with constant force (moderate weight and pressure) until release occurs. To achieve this, practitioners use knuckles, elbows, or other tools to slowly stretch the restricted fascia. The treatment is slow moving and works through the layers of the fascia until the deeper tissues are reached. A two hour session time is strongly recommended.

120min. $160


Feel Like Yourself Again

For many women menstruation is painful, and can interfere with work and day to day activities. Massage has been proven helpful in alleviating common symptoms of PMS. This deep tissue treatment incorporates the use of organic essential oils, a warm weighted 6lb sandbag to rest on your belly or low-back during treatment. And an option to upgrade your massage oil to CBD infused lavender & essential oils massage blend. Menstrual Cycle Massage helps you to regain energy and balance.

60min. $120   l  75min. $130  l  90min. $140


Balanced Body Balanced Baby

Massage therapy during pregnancy may reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches, joint pains, and improve labor outcomes. Massage aims to relax tension and improve lymphatic and blood circulation through mild pressure. Swedish Massage is the recommended method during pregnancy because it addresses many common discomforts and changes. As with all massage, Prenatal massage works best when had regularly as a part of your pregnancy wellness routine. To make this beneficial service more accessible I offer a reasonable rate, discounts on packages and In-Home visits for pregnant women with a medical need for massage.

60min. $120   l  75min. $130  l  90min. $140


Induce Labor Naturally

Yes, it really works! If you're between 39, 41 or heaven forbid 42 weeks, induction massage is for you. Through the use of deep tissue and acupressure labor may be brought on naturally. This method is recommended by obstetricians, midwives and doulas whose clients wish to avoid medical induction. Best for pregnant women with minor or no pregnancy complications. Induction massage can begin at 39 weeks and has been known to bring about labor between 3 and 24 hours post treatment. 

 90min. $150


Bounce Back, Baby!

If you have just given birth, are breastfeeding or wearing your baby, postpartum massage is for you. Massage after labor may be just as important as massage before labor.  For up to 1 year postpartum massage may help to regulate hormones, provide relief from common aches, pains and anxiety associated with new motherhood. Medical clearance is recommended if you are 6-8 weeks postpartum.  A postnatal massage is appropriate for up to one year after labor.

60min. $120   l  75min. $130  l  90min. $140


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